YouTube Join Google with the Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow campaign


    The Google Let it snow campaign went viral within a couple of hours when it were first discovered a week ago. People searching for the “let it snow” search term were treated with snow falling onto their search results.

    After the first discovery of the “let it snow” Google feature literally millions of people worldwide wanted to see the Let it snow feature and searched for it in their millions. Since then it has become a game for people to find these hidden treasures and Christmas surprises that Google have added to their search results this Christmas.

    A few other surprises include the terms “Christmas Cards”, “Christmas” and Santa. If you search for these topics in Google, you will find the Google pages decorated with Christmas Decorations and Christmas Lights.

    We here at 3D Car Shows have followed the “Let it Snow” campaign closely and have monitored how the “let it snow” campaign quickly became one of the most searched terms this Holiday Season..

    YouTube let it Snow

    Yesterday YouTube added a let it snow button to their YouTube video player. If you visit YouTube and watch a video, you will notice that there is now a snow button next to the maximize and minimize buttons of the YouTube player.

    If you click on the Snow button, you will get the same effect as with the Google Let it snow search. The main difference is instead of having the snow fall all over your screen, freezing your screen. The snow will fall within the video. The longer you leave the snow to fall the more snow will freeze on the video screen.

    The Let it Snow campaign is another small way in which Google and YouTube are bringing the Christmas spirit and the Joy of Christmas to the internet.

    Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow – Well done Google and YouTube!

    Christmas Cards from Google:

    Another hot topic this week includes the launch of the Google Santa Christmas Cards. You can now send a Christmas card for free with Gmail, Using the Send a Call from Santa service powered by Gmail. If you still have not send your friends, family and loved ones a Christmas Card why not send them a Gmail powered

    Santa Christmas Card


    The Christmas card will be available as a YouTube video. The let it snow YouTube feature is also enabled in these videos.

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