YouTube April fool’s Day Joke 2012


    YouTube April fool’s Day Joke 2012

    April 1, 2012 – New York, USA the YouTube April Fool’s Joke.

    April Fools Jokes 2012

    Earlier today Google have launched several different April fool’s Jokes, some better than the others. For us here at 3D Car Shows the Google Nascar April Fool’s Day Joke were the best. However the YouTube April Fool’s Joke seems to have caught most people off guard. The YouTube April Fool’s Day joke allows you to order the whole collection of YouTube videos ever uploaded on CD disks.

    This will enable you to watch any YouTube video whenever you want to. You also do not need to use any bandwidth to watch the videos and in countries like South Africa, China, United Kingdom and India where download speed aren’t the best and bandwidth are expensive the offline YouTube videos would have been much faster and cheaper to view.

    YouTube April Fool’s Day Joke 2012 Video

    You can watch the YouTube April Fool’s video from anywhere in the world and unlike the Google Nascar April Fool’s day video which were only available in certain countries.

    The most significant part of the YouTube April Fool’s Joke for us here at 3D Car Shows are maybe the fact that Google is actually telling us how big YouTube is with their YouTube April Fool’s day joke. When one looks at YouTube it is normally impossible to determine the true size of information and video material made available via YouTube.

    You can also have a look at pages that we have created earlier today with some of the previous year’s best Google April Fool’s day pranks, the

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    and also the Tom-Tom navigation April Fool’s Joke. Another good April fool’s joke is the one by Subaru; they have created technology that enable your car to wash itself! You can watch the Subaru April Fool’s joke on our

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