Your personal DJ on board BMW and Mini


Your personal DJ on board – with the new AUPEO! app.BMW ConnectedDrive and MINI Connected to offer further third-party in-car app.

Munich. The AUPEO! Personal Radio iPhone app will  soon be available for all current BMW and MINI models. Following the  launch of the Pandora and MOG music services for the US product range  in 2011, the BMW and MINI Connected Apps options will allow customers  in Europe, too, to enjoy their own personal music service.

AUPEO! is a customisable internet radio service that uses a  recommender system to allow music to be matched to listeners’  individual tastes.

AUPEO! enables customers to listen to personalised radio compiled  from a database of almost one million tracks. When they enter a genre  or artist, an algorithm developed by the Fraunhofer Institute  recommends tracks that match their own personal taste. Or they can use  the Mood Tuner function, which selects tracks according to mood.  Alternatively, they can choose from more than 150 channels specially  pre-compiled by AUPEO!’s music managers, such as “80s  Best” or “Rock Classics”.

The AUPEO! app for the Apple iPhone will be downloadable free of  charge from the iTunes App Store at It can be  used in all current BMW models equipped with the Apps option, and in  all MINI models equipped with the MINI Connected option.

The BMW Apps option provides extensive, application-based integration  of the Apple iPhone into BMW models. A host of infotainment functions  can be integrated seamlessly into the car, where they can be operated  easily and intuitively using the iDrive system.

In MINI models, the Apple iPhone can be integrated using the MINI  Connected App. The extensive MINI Connected functionality,  supplemented by third-party apps, allows MINI customers to stay  connected at all times, in ever new ways, and so enrich their driving experience.

“Our aim for the future is to cooperate with further  infotainment providers in order to give our customers seamless in-car  access to services they are already using,” says Andreas  Schwarzmeier, Product Manager BMW ConnectedDrive.

Rapid and flexible development allows BMW Group to offer    customised, always-up-to-date applications.

The app concept allows the BMW Group to integrate not only its own  applications – like the BMW Connected App or MINI Connected  – into the car, but also third-party apps from external  providers. By opening up the platform to apps from other providers,  the BMW Group is once again demonstrating its leadership in the  integration of mobile devices and internet-based services into the  car. Development times are getting ever shorter, and the product range  wider and increasingly customised. In particular, the diversity of  this technology caters optimally to local needs.

The BMW Group has a  longstanding role as a leading innovator in the in-car integration of  consumer electronics devices. In 2004 the Group became the  world’s first carmaker to integrate the Apple iPod into its  in-car audio system. And ahead of the market launch of the iPhone, in  2007, the BMW Group