Yamaha Motorcycle Driver Cyril Despres Dakar 2014 – Stage 10

  • Stage 10
  • Iquique > Antofagasta
  • Connection 53 km
  • Special stage 631 km
  • Connection 5 km
  • Total 689 km

Yamaha Dakar Bike

Starting down the field this morning after yesterday’s 15 minute speeding penalty, Joan Barreda won the stage ahead of Rodrigues, with Cyril Despres (Yamaha Factory Racing) third (at 9’40) with his support rider Michael Metge finishing 20th (at 34’28). Overall Cyril gains two places and is this evening just 26 minutes and 24 seconds behind third placed man Viladoms.

Cyril Despres

“I really enjoyed the first special in the dunes. I caught up Marc (Coma), got past him and then opened the piste. The navigation wasn’t easy but I managed to stay concentrated and really enjoyed myself on the bike. And as is often the case, when you are enjoying yourself you go quicker and pull back time. The second special was a completely different story, with a lot of fesh fesh and zero riding pleasure. At the end Marc was just in front of me when he made a little error and we turned too early into a gully. When we realised our mistake, instead of turning back, we rode out the side, up a really steep climb, to get back on to the road book. We had a good laugh about our ‘debutants’ error when we got to the finish line.”

Michael Metge

“I was riding at a good pace and feeling happy on the bike when I came up behind another rider in the fesh fesh. I should have held back and waited but I wanted to maintain my rhythm. Result: I fell changing ruts and landed right on my head. I felt a bit groggy after that and backed right off. I think I might be in for a telling off from ‘the boss’ this evening!”