• Wrightbus gives official approval to Autoglym Diamond Shine detergent
  • Tests show Diamond Shine is less harmful to bodywork than water alone

Autoglym Diamond Shine

Autoglym Diamond Shine detergent has been approved by Wrightbus, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of public transport vehicles, for use on the exterior body surfaces of its comprehensive bus range.

Extensive testing showed that Diamond Shine, one of a range of Autoglym detergents developed specifically for public service vehicles, is safe for use on all Wrightbus exterior body and paint finishes, cleaning quickly and effectively and delivering a protective, high-gloss shine.

When comparing Autoglym Diamond Shine against mains water over a period of 72 hours, aluminium surfaces were seen to be less degraded by the neutral water-based detergent, which contains no butyl or phosphate.

“We understand that it is important for Wrightbus to recommend products to its operators that are suitable for use on its vehicles.  We are incredibly proud that Diamond Shine has been approved for use by Wrightbus, becoming the eighth product in the Autoglym range to be endorsed by the company,” says Paul Caller, CEO of Autoglym.

Autoglym products approved by Wrightbus:

No.79 Diamond Shine No. 9 Glass Cleaner No. 10 PSV Multiclean No. 21 Tar and Adhesive Remover No. 30 Silicone Free Sheen No. 42 Graffiti Remover No. 49 Window Cleaner No. 77 Travel Fresh