Road safety organisation, and the number one for breakdown cover in the UK*, GEM Motoring Assist today reveals that a massive 76 per cent of UK motorists are still confident that they would pass their driving test first time if they had to take it again now.

Despite claims that drivers learn bad habits and become more relaxed about their driving style in the years after passing their first test, GEM’s latest poll shows that motorists would not be fazed by taking another test today, with more than 67 per cent positive that they would pass it again.

The same cannot be said for the theory test however, with fewer than 50 per cent of those surveyed believing they would pass it and 41 per cent unsure how they would do.  Only 35 per cent believe they are as familiar with the Highway Code now as when they took the test originally.

More than 26 per cent admitted that parking would be the biggest challenge in the practical test, with reversing voted as the second most likely cause for failure, closely followed by city driving. Not a single motorist surveyed said that dual carriageway driving would cause them to fail. Showing nerves of steel, 74 per cent of motorists said they would be less nervous re-taking their test now than when they did originally.

David Williams MBE, CEO of GEM Motoring Assist, comments: “It’s great to see that, as a nation, we are very confident in our driving ability. It would certainly be a worry to have motorists on our roads who believe their driving has got worse. However, it is less pleasing that drivers seem to have forgotten everything about the theory test since they passed it however many years ago.  A lack of knowledge of the Highway Code could lead to a serious accident so we do urge drivers to keep as up to date as possible.”

GEM has produced a simple Road Sign Test sheet to encourage drivers to self-test their knowledge. For a free copy(s) call 01342 825 676 (Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm).