World Cup 2014 – Google Doodles


    The World Cup 2014 FIFA Soccer Cup starts tomorrow 12 June 2014. As expected Google used the opportunity to announce the start of the World Cup 2014 with a Google Doodle on their search engine homepages. The World Cup 2014 Google Doodle is an International Google Doodle and is going to be on every Google Search Engine homepage today / tomorrow.

    World Cup 2014

    World Cup 2014 Google Doodle

    The World Cup 2014 Google Doodle is an animation, showing a fatter than normal Google logo. The Google Logo looks differently than normal, and for me it was a case of just noticing it, and then a soccer ball comes rolling into the screen. The Google letters changes into “Animated Stickmen” who bounces up and down, looking really happy that the World Cup 2014 is finally here.


    FIFA World Cup 2014

    The World Cup 2014 is played in South America in Brazil and starts on the 12 June 2014. The first game is being played between Brazil and Croatia on Friday the 13th June 2014. Tomorrow the official opening ceremony will take place in Sao Paulo.

    Jennifer Lopez will perform at the World Cup 2014 opening ceremony. The singer will take to the stage in Sao Paulo to sing the official World Cup 2014 song “We Are One (Ole Ola)” alongside Pitbull and Brazilian pop star Claudia Leitte at the opening ceremony.

    Four years ago, Shakira performed “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)” at the 2010 World Cup opening ceremony in South Africa, which went on to become a worldwide hit, and it is expected that the “We are One” song by Jennifer Lopez will be the next world wide hit!


    Unfortunately we here at 3D Car Shows will not be going to the World Cup 2014 Soccer games this year, but fortunately we are in South Africa and visited the 2010 World Cup Opening Ceremony stadium today to get into the Soccer World Cup 2014 Fever and took some photographs of the newly launched Toyota Corolla Sprinter at the stadium.

    The World Cup 2014 is taking place from the 12 June 2014 to the 13th of July 2014 in Brazil South America, and promises to be one of the most exciting World Cup’s to date. If we can make a prediction our money would be on Brazil, playing on home ground and whom are favorites to win the World Cup 2014 games.