World Cup 2014 Brazil


World Cup 2014

Today 13 June 2013 Google have a Soccer World Cup 2014 Google Doodle for the second day. Last night the World Cup 2014 opening ceremony was held in Sao Paulo Brazil. The World Cup 2014 Soccer games is taking place in Brazil, South America until the 12 June 2014 to the 13th July 2014.

World Cup 2014 Opening Ceremony

If you missed the opening ceremony of the Soccer World Cup 2014 you can still view it online. We have found the video below showing some highlights of the Soccer World Cup 2014 opening ceremony. In the video Jeniffer Lopez, Pitbull and Claudia Leitte opened the World Cup 2014 with the new Global music hit the “We Are One” Ole Ole Ole.

Many people have criticized the World Cup 2014 opening ceremony for not being as spectacular as the World Cup Opening in Johannesburg South Africa 2010 or even the opening of the Olympic Games in the United Kingdom.

It is our opinion though that the World Cup 2014 opening ceremony was spectacular, and fitting for a Soccer World Cup 2014 ceremony!

World Cup 2014 Google Doodle


Today Google is showcasing it’s second World Cup 2014 Google Doodle. “The World Cup 2014 opening ceremony was so inspiring–and what an unbelievable coincidence–our next doodle has a dancing tree person too. Congrats Brazil!” – By Google Doodles Team

The letter “e” is animated showing the letter “e” beating the drum which also formed part of the World Cup 2014 opening ceremony. If you click on the Google Doodle it leads you to the Google Search results for the World Cup 2014 games. On the search page Google provides links to the latest News, Highlights and FIFA World Cup 2014 information.

They have however taken things a bit further this year, and on the top of the World Cup 2014 Search Results visitors can see the complete fixture calendar of the soccer games, and navigating backwards provide you with the results of the previous played games.

World Cup 2014 Opening Match

Brazil played Croatia in the opening match of the Soccer World Cup 2014 beating Croatia with 3 to 1 as we predicted in a previous article. Today Mexico is playing Cameroon at 12PM Eastern Time and in Group B Spain is playing against the Netherlands at 3PM Eastern Standard Time and Chile against Australia at 6PM.

Who are you rooting for?

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