Women’s Day 2014 South Africa


Women’s Day 2014 South Africa

Today March 7, 2014 Google have updated their Google Doodle at around 10 am this morning to the “Women’s Day 2014” Google Doodle we reported on earlier today. This is quite strange because usually Google makes their Doodles active at midnight. It is also strange that Google have chosen to display the Google Doodle for Women’s Day 2014 on March 7, 2014 where International Women’s Day is only celebrated on March 8 every year.


This year’s International Women’s Day 2014 theme is about “Inspire Change” and this could possibly be one of the reasons why Google have chosen to “Inspire Change” with their Women’s Day 2014 Google Doodle or it could be simply a slip up by Google to have launched the doodle on March 7 instead of March 8.

Whether if it is glitch in the Google Doodle system or whether Google have made it intentionally it is a good thing that the Google Doodle is now displayed internationally and in South Africa a day before women’s day 2014. This give men the opportunity to “Remember” and “Plan” for women’s day better and to surprise their wife’s and females in their lives tomorrow by making the day special for them.

Earlier today I received a video on my Facebook page, about a women that was diagnosed with cancer, and her friends coming together to show her that they support and love her. I think that this video is appropriate to share as part of International Women’s Day 2014 celebrations as it focuses on Breast Cancer which is mostly related to females.

International Women’s Day 2014 Cancer Video South Africa

When I looked at this video it brought tears to my eyes. In the video the women is diagnosed with cancer, and her close friends and sister gets together and shave their hair in support of the women diagnosed with cancer!

I think this video is a great inspiration for women across the world, especially tomorrow when women are celebrated internationally.

This video could easily be part of the official theme for women’s day 2014 and is truly inspired to Change.

Celebrating Women’s Day 2014


We here at 3D Car Shows would like to thank all the women in our lives, our mothers, wife’s, daughters, friends and women all over the world for helping to make the world a better place! If you are a women we hope that your women’s day 2014 will be special and filled with happiness and love.