The jury of Women’s World Car of the Year, which comprises women motoring writers from 12 countries, has completed the voting process to announce their choices for the best cars of 2012.

    women car of the year 2012

    There are four categories in the awards structure. Judges award points for every car from a voting criteria and the car receiving the highest number of points wins that category. The car receiving the highest number of points overall wins both the category and the supreme award.

    The results for Woman Car of the year 2012 are:

    Family Woman car of the year:

    1st – BMW 3-series
    2nd – Audi Q3
    3rd – Ford Focus

    Luxury Woman car of the year:

    1st – Range Rover Evoque
    2nd – Jaguar XJ
    3rd – Audi A6

    Sports  Woman car of the year:

    1st – Porsche 911
    2nd – Jaguar XKR
    3rd – Mercedes Benz SLK

    Economy car car of the year:

    1st – Honda Civic
    2nd – VW Up!
    3rd – Ford Fiesta

    The supreme winner of the Women’s World Car of the Year 2012 is:

    Range Rover Evoque
    2nd place – BMW 3-series
    3rd place Audi Q3

    The voting procedures were audited by international accountancy company, Grant Thornton. Director, Paul McCormick, says it was a close-run race but there were some clear leaders in each category as votes arrived.

    “The results for second and third, however, changed back and forth and with each addition of votes the differing opinions from the judges changed the results with every entry.”

    The supreme award trophy will this year be made in The Netherlands. That, and category-winner certificates, will be presented at the Mondial de l’Automobile – The Paris Motor Show – in late September.