The winter months are with us now and with them comes the prospect of ice, snow, and frost.  Just at the moment the UK is also experiencing a substantial increase in rainfall levels, all of which can expose badly worn or illegal tyres – particularly those having less than the legal 1.6mm of tyre tread.

Drivers with illegal tyres risk loss of control of their vehicle and a possible accident. However, according to – the UK online shop, part of Delticom, Europe’s leading online tyre retailer – regular and simple tyre checks will help ensure you stay safe on the road.

Whilst the last winter was relatively mild in the UK, there is always the possibility that this year’s winter comes up with snow and freezing weather conditions. For that reason motorists should make sure that their tyres are in good condition as well as considering fitting winter or cold weather tyres. These tyres are critically more effective and have better grip in cold and freezing conditions or when temperatures fall below 7°C. For instance a car braking at 60mph on a wet road at a temperature of 5°C stopped 5 metres shorter, equivalent to more than one car length, when fitted with winter tyres compared with summer tyres*.

Six simple tyre safety tips from can also help to stay safe on the road.

  • Check tread depth. The law requires a minimum of 1.6mm of tread although experts recommend that drivers should consider changing tyres when the tread falls below 3.0mm for summer tyres and 4mm for winter/cold weather tyres.
  • Tyre pressuresshould be checked regularly and adjusted according to the manufacturer’s handbook. Under no circumstances should tyre pressures be reduced for driving in snow, it is totally incorrect to think that by doing this that the tyre’s footprint is enlarged. It will in fact reduce stability of the vehicle.**
  • Check all tyres for general condition and any sidewall damage which might have been caused by, for example, striking an object obscured by snow or hitting a kerb following a skid.
  • Always check the spare tyre in the boot for both tread depth and pressure so that if in an emergency the tyre has to be fitted it is safe and legal.
  • Clean dirt from around the valves and fit dust caps all round as this will help prevent pressure loss.
  • Check for uneven wear. Many cars have tyres/wheels that are misaligned and this can cause excessive wear on tyre edges and lead to premature replacement.
  • When selecting winter or cold weather tyres it is advisable to buy from experts. Motorists should check themytyres websiteas the online tyre retailer is considered to be a specialist in supplying these tyres. offers its customers not only a convenient and safe online purchasing process but also an extensive service package – more than 100 tyre brands and over 25,000 tyre models are on offer which is seldom found elsewhere. More than 2,000 professional service partners can be selected directly online.

*Test undertaken by the British Tyre Manufacturers Association

** Recommendation from The Automobile Association