Winsor McCay – Little Nemo in Google Land


    Today Millions of people worldwide will learn about Winsor McCay all this thanks to Google who have changed their logo today to that of “Little Nemo in Google Land”. If you have followed the link from the Google Doodle to the 3D Car Shows site, you likely want to learn more about Winsor McCay and are one of the millions who have no clue who Winsor McCay is!

    Winsor McCay

    From the Google Doodle alone it is difficult to picture what the doodle is about. It looks like some sort of cartoon, but it may just have been an animation telling the story about Winsor McCay. In this article we will take a quick look at exactly who Winsor McCay was and why Google picked him for today’s Google Doodle.

    Winsor McCay was a Canadian or USA born Cartoonist. The reason why I am saying may have been is because there is some confusion about exactly when and where this Cartoonist were born. According to his tombstone he was born on the 13th of October 1869 but Winsor McCay himself claimed to have been born in 1871. To add to the controversy surrounding the birth of Winsor McCay Google have complicated things more to feature his Google Doodle on the 15th of October 2012.

    Anyways, Winsor McCay were known for his “Little Nemo” comic strip which began in 1905, and also his animated cartoon Gertie the Dinosaur which began in 1914.

    little nemo

    Winsor McCay and Walt Disney

    One of the interesting stories about Winsor McCay were that he influenced Walt Disney who have used his standards and ideas to create the world famous Walt Disney cartoons, maybe it is just me but before the Google Doodle today I knew nothing about Winsor McCay yet it is refreshing to know that this cartoonist were the forefather of cartoons and that he have influenced famous cartoonists like Walt Disney! It is also good to see that Google have selected him today, to be honored and remembered in the form of a Google Doodle.