Wii Console Game: Buy yourself a Nintendo Wii Today


    I have bought my first Nintendo Wii when the Nintendo Wii was just launched. The Wii console made worldwide news when it allowed people to play games using body movement.

    Since the launch of the Wii various studies have been done to determine if the Wii Games are better to play than traditional Games that do not require physical activity to play the Video Games. These studies have proven that there are advantages to play Games that require body movement than those that do not!

    The past Christmas I were once again extremely impressed by the Wii – You can read our short Wii Christmas story below.

    Our Nintendo Wii Sensor Broke and we could not play Wii Games

    Over the Christmas period we wanted to spend some quality time together playing Nintendo Wii Games as a family. When we wanted to start playing, we realized that there were something wrong with the Wii Console and realized that something were broken.

    Everything worked perfectly except the Wii remotes. We followed a “Wii Troubleshooter” to try and find out what were wrong with the Wii, but struggled for about 10 minutes before we realized that there was something wrong with the Wii Sensor. The Wii Sensor cable was broken, we suspect that it were the work of our Cat.

    Our whole family was very disappointed that we could not play Wii. Usually on Sunday Evenings we all come together to play Wii as a family. The Nintendo Wii games are great for families that want to spend some quality time together!

    I tried to fix the Wii Sensor Cable by stripping the wires and reconnecting the wires. I still do not understand why but connecting the wires again did not solve the broken Wii Sensor problem. Devastated we realized that we would not be able to replace the Wii Sensor as all the Shops have closed for Christmas.

    We were sitting around and the evening was just not going to be as much fun as playing Nintendo Wii Games. Jolandi then said that she heard that it is possible to play Nintendo Wii Games without the Wii Sensor bar, and that there were a solution to play Wii Games without immediately replacing the sensor bar.


    Wii Sensor Bar Replacement

    It turned out that there is a temporary fix for a broken Wii Sensor Bar. If your Wii Sensor Bar is broken and you need a replacement for your Wii Sensor Bar and you cannot get it replaced immediately. You can take two candles, light the candles and put the candles about 20cm apart. This will make your Wii Remotes work again, and you can temporarily still play!

    I was totally amazed at this quick fix to get your Wii Console work again without the sensor bar!

    At first I did not understand how the Wii can work without a sensor bar, but later learned that the Wii Sensor Bar consists of LED lights inside the sensor bar. These LED Lights emit infrared light which the remote then picks up from where all the movement calculations are done.

    Wii after Christmas Clearance Sales

    I have finally replaced my broken Wii Sensor Bar today and noticed that there are several Wii Nintendo Game Consoles on Christmas Clearance sales. If you do not yet have a Nintendo Wii Console you may want to check out your local stores for Christmas Clearance sales on the Wii as I believe you will get some stunning specials. There were also several Wii Games on sale, if you want a Nintendo Wii this might be one of the best times to get it!