Where is the Robert Bob Moog’s 78th Birthday Google Doodle


    Where is the Robert Bob Moog’s 78th Birthday Google Doodle

    On May 23, 2012 Google launched the Bob Moog Google Doodle to celebrate the invention of the Moog Synthesizer. In the mid 1960’d the music stage were changed forever when the invention of the analog Moog Synthesizer made it possible to play and to record electronic music on the Moog Synthesizer!

    Bob Moog Synthesizer

    Famous artists of the time used the Bob Moog Synthesizer to add electronic sounds to their music. These include artists like The Doors, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles and many others.

    The Bob Moog Synthesizer Google Doodle (Piano, Keyboard)

    Google have created the Bob Moog Synthesizer using advance web technologies like HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS3, Google Web Fonts, The Google+ API, and Adobe Flash to create the Moor Synthesizer Google Doodle. They have also recommended that users of the Bob Moog Synthesizer view the Google Doodle on Google Chrome to experience the true capabilities of the Google Doodle.

    Recently Google Chrome has become the most used browser in the world and we recommend that users make use of Google Chrome. Google have several advanced tools, libraries built directly into chrome allowing the viewing of advance web technologies in a fast loading and clean browser.

    Where can I find the Bob Moog Synthesizer?

    If you have missed the Google Bob Moog Synthesizer or just want to play with it once more it is still available online. You can go to the Google Doodles Library and search for “

    Robert Moog’s 78th Birthday

    ” to find the Bob Moog Synthesizer.

    The Google Doodle is available and fully functional to play in the Google Doodle Library. The Google Doodles library has archives of all the Google Doodles that have been displayed on the Google homepage.