Where is Santa? Santa is now in Madagascar


    It is now officially Christmas in Madagascar according to the Google and Norad Santa Tracker. The Norad Santa Tracker is an easy way to find out where is Santa, as he makes his deliveries this Christmas. Santa has 24 hours each year on Christmas Eve to deliver presents to the world.

    We here at 3D Car Shows have tracked the movements of Santa Clause closely this year. The application tells us when and where Santa is and at the same time is a cool indicator to tell us when it is midnight in which Country. Santa is believed to come at that time to deliver his Christmas presents.

    For more information about the Norad Santa Tracker you can visit their site.

    Google also this year provides people with the opportunity to send Free Christmas Cards powered by Google.

    For more information about the Google Free Christmas cards, you can read our article on the Free Christmas Cards pages.

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