Where is Santa? Santa is not flying Emirates but just arrived in the United Arab Emirates


If Santa were flying Emirates I do not think he would have made it in time for his trip to the United Arab Emirates. Nothing against Emirates we think they are one of the best airlines in the world. The problem is since this morning when Santa started its Journey it went to so many different countries that it would have been virtually impossible for Santa to cover all the miles in an airplane!

Luckily for us Santa have his Sleigh and Reindeer helping him to be the fastest traveler on earth. Like it’s stated on the Norad Santa web site, Santa is the fastest moving thing on earth. If you think about it not only is Santa going from Country to Country at a very fast pace but he is also moving to all the houses to deliver his presents.

More about the Santa Norad Tracking Website.

It is now more than 50 years since Norad have first started tracking Santa. Santa is travelling at the speed of light and it is almost impossible to track him otherwise. On the Norad Santa site you cannot only learn about “where Santa is” but you can also learn interesting about the countries as Santa moves at the speed of light visiting each of these countries. Norad and Google have created short videos about some of the interesting places on Santa’s route.

The Norad site also provides the ideal opportunity for kids to entertain themselves as they await Santa.

For more information on the Norad Santa Tracking application you can visit the Norad Santa Tracking site to find out where Santa is!

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