Where is Santa – Santa is coming to the United Kingdom


This year you can keep your kids constructively busy by letting them use the Google Maps and Norad Santa Tracker. The Santa Tracker allows your kids to see where Santa is currently in the world. The Santa Tracker helps you and your kids to shorten the time they need to wait for Santa and Christmas to come.

Santa UK

It is an age old tradition in western and Christian countries to exchange gifts over the Christmas period. Usually kids have to wait for Santa Claus to come before they can start exchanging gifts. In some countries people exchange gifts on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Morning.

The Google Maps Santa Tracker and the NORAD Santa Tracker provides kids the opportunity to follow the trail of Santa Claus as he visits all the countries in the world delivering gifts to children and adults.

The Norad system have several Christmas Games that children can play to help them get the time past as they wait for Santa to be able to start opening their gifts. Although it is not yet Christmas in the United Kingdom, Kids can rest assured that

Santa is coming to the UK

this year.

Where is Santa Question answered?

If you teach your kids about Santa and you celebrate Christmas you will know that one of the most asked questions over the Christmas period are when Santa Clause are coming. This is a simple question deep from the roots of human civilization and want. You know you are going to get gifts, but you need to wait patiently for Santa to come before you can open your gifts!

The Norad site helps to make the wait shorter!

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