Where is Santa? Santa have just arrived in China


    Today as I am following Santa’s Journey to deliver Christmas Presence to the world. I am once again amazed at the Role Technology plays in our lives. A few years ago when a Child asked his paretns “where is Santa” they were just giving a answer to keep the child quite. This year “Parents” can tell children to go to the NORAD Santa site. On the Norad Santa site kids can keep track of where Santa is now, and how long it will take for Santa to reach their contry.

    Where is Santa

    While Children in America and the United Kingdom and rest of the world wait impatiently for Christmas and Santa to come. They can visit the Norad Santa site and see for themselves how Christmas comes closer.

    The Norad Santa Tracker site Educates while it entertains.

    The Norad Santa site is brilliant. Not only does it keep children busy as they see Santa Clause is comming closer to their country. They also learn more about this countries. The Norad Santa Tracker team and the Google Maps team have done a brilliant job to use the site to educate people on other countries and cultures!

    In this visit from Santa to China. You can learn some quick facts about China. If a child monitors the movements of Santa this year, they will have a good general knowlege of the world and how timelines work!


    If you want to know where santa is, or you need to keep your kids busy with something constuctive as they wait for Christmas and Santa to come. Let them Track Santa on the NORAD SANTA site.

    The Norad Santa Tracker site  make use of Google Maps to power their Santa Tracking software.

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