Where is Santa Now


Santa TrackerThis year the internet have the answer to “Where is Santa Now”. Both Google and Bing offers users and children around the world to find out “Where Santa is Now”.

where is santa now

Google have created their own pages and application to Track Santa called the “Santa Tracker” and NORAD and Bing have teamed up with the NORAD Santa Tracker to track where Santa is now at any given moment.

The Google Santa Tracker


Google Santa Tracker

makes use of Google maps to track Santa, according to Google Santa have fitted a GPS system that makes use of Google maps in his sleigh. This allows Google to track Santa and to know exactly where he is at any given time. The Santa Tracker journey is an interactive experience and users can view where Santa is, where he already been and where he is going to be next.

Last year Google and NORAD even provided short video clips showing a little about the countries Google have visited and even broadcasting messages from Santa on his Journey in CNN reporting style.

This year it is not clear yet if Google are going to broadcast messages from Santa during his journey!

The NORAD Santa Tracker

In the past the

NORAD Santa Tracker

made use of Google maps to track “Where Santa is now”, this year they are using Bing and Microsoft maps as part of their tracking service to track Santa’s journey across the world, as he delivers presents on the 24th of December 2012.

Both the Google Santa Tracker and NORAD Santa Tracker are available to download as application for Windows, Apple and Android, making it easy to track Santa on any of these devices anytime during his journey.

Both the NORAD Santa Tracker and the Google Santa Tracker also provide children entertainment on the home pages of these services. If you kid asks you “Where is Santa Now” simply send them to either the Google Santa Tracker or NORAD pages, where they will see a counter counting down towards the time Santa starts his journey, as well as where they can play Christmas and Santa games which should keep them entertained for hours!

The NORAD Santa Tracker and the Google Santa Tracker also lets users send a request to Santa, Santa will then either phone them back, or send them a email wishing them “Happy Holidays” or a “Merry Christmas”.