Where is Santa Now? NORAD Tracks Santa to NORAD Tracks Santa – San Francisco, California


    It has been a very long night this Christmas Eve for Santa Claus and kids staying in the San Francisco, California area. Santa have been delivering gifts to Good Boys and Girls all over the world this Holiday Season.

    One of the last cities Santa is going to visit this year are the San Francisco city. Santa just need to make a few more stops and his deliveries would be completed for this year.

    The Google Maps and Norad Santa Tracker team have been tracking Santa’s movements for the past 50 years on Christmas Eve. This year using the latest technologies and interactive Google maps, millions of people around the world were able to track Santa clause and the start of Christmas day’s in many countries all over the world.

    Here is a video report from the Norad team, showing Santa’s arrival in  San Francisco, California, USA.


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