Where is Santa Now? Norad Santa Tracker


This year if your children ask you where is Santa now, you can easily answer their questions. Google and NORAD have once again joined forces to help you track Santa this Christmas. The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is a United States and Canada bi-national organization charged with the missions of aerospace warning, aerospace control, and maritime warning for North America.

Norad Santa Tracker

“You can visit the Official NORAD Santa tracker pages at


The NORAD system is capable of tracking any manmade objects in the sky and have been used since 1955 to track Santa as he goes from country to country, house to house to deliver Christmas presents.

The NORAD Santa Tracker tradition started in 1955 when a misprinted Telephone number in an Advertisement lead to children phoning the Commander in Chief Operations Hotline. Colonel Harry Shoup who were the Director of Operations at CONAD instructed his personnel to check the radar to see where Santa is and to tell the children who phoned in the current location of Santa.

When I was a kid we did not have access to this kind of technology and I think I might have driven my parents insane with questions about the whereabouts of Santa Clause. With Google and the Norad Santa Tracker, parents can now easily tell their children to go to the NORAD Santa Tracker site, and see for themselves where Santa is, and when he will come and visit them. By seeing where Santa is at any given time, I believe that kids will be more patient and better to understand when they can open there Christmas Presents, and when they cannot wait anymore, simply go to the NORAD Santa Tracker site and see how long they still need to wait.

“Each and every day throughout the year, all of us here at NORAD work diligently to defend and protect our nations. It is an honor for us to take one day each year to expand our missions to share goodwill and holiday spirit across the globe through the NORAD Santa Tracker program. We owe all of this to Colonel Shoup, whose good humor in responding to that first call so long ago began our Santa-tracking tradition, and we’re proud to carry this mission along to this day. Colonel Shoup is a legend at NORAD, and through NORAD Santa Tracks, his legacy will live on forever.” by NORAD Santa Tracker General Charles H. Jacoby, Jr. Commander, NORAD

Where is Santa

NORAD SANTA TRACKER on Windows, Google Play, Apple Store

In previous year, you had to have an advanced Smart Phone to get the NORAD Santa Tracker to work on your phone, and to get “Where is Santa Now” updates from anywhere, or you had to have a computer and internet access all the time to get the answer of “Where Santa is now”. This year, NORAD and Google have made it easier for children and parents to get the question of “Where is Santa Now” answered from almost anywhere. The NORAD Santa Tracker is now available for download on Windows, Windows 8, Google Play and the Apple Store which makes it compatible with most Windows, Apple and Android devices.

In short this means if you have a smart phone or tab you can now track Santa from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Google NORAD Santa Tracker Video

Last year more than 3 million children and parents watched the Santa Tracker video below, finding out where Santa is, we expect that even more people will be able to track Santa this year, mainly because of the Mobile Applications that will make it much easier for parents and children to track Santa.

On the NORAD Santa Tracker site, and Google NORAD Santa Tracker site, there are various other activities that Children can participate in, building towards a clean and fun Christmas Spirit! If you haven’t tried out the NORAD Santa Tracker system yet, we highly recommend that you go check it out!