Where is Santa Now? It is now Christmas in Mauritius


    Santa has moved at the Speed of Light maybe even faster than the Speed of light to make it in time for his spotting in Mauritius. He travelled from the United Arab Emirates within in minutes from being last spotted in the United Arab Emirates.

    Christmas in Mauritius

    Mauritius is an Island in the Indian Ocean and a very popular Holiday destination for South Africans, and I am sure that many South Africans will celebrate Christmas today in Mauritius. The ideal is a beautiful Island and a hidden Gem and Hideaway.

    Where is Santa Now, or when is Santa coming is a very popular question among kids that want to find out where Santa Clause is. This question usually stem from the fact that they cannot wait to see what Santa Clause have brought them for Christmas.

    Over the years Google have answered many questions and one of these questions were likely to be where is Santa Clause, When will santa clause be here and what will Santa Clause bring me for Christmas. Google have finally came up with an answer and teamed up with the Norad Santa Tracking site, Using state of the art technology that keeps tabs on airspace. Google and Norad are now able to estimate where Santa is.

    This finally answers the question “Where is Santa”. To track Santa yourself you can visit the Norad Santa Tracking site. On the Norad site you can also play Christmas Games and some other games from the North Pole.

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