Where is Santa Now?


Every year one of the most popular questions around the globe at Christmas time is “Where is Santa Now”. Children can literally not wait for Santa Clause to come to bring them their presents. Google have created their own Santa Tracker software to allow you and your kids to find the answer to the question “Where is Santa Now” the Santa Tracker show kids using the Google Maps system how Santa goes from one country to another each Christmas Eve to deliver presents across the globe.

To help make the time shorter for Kids, parents can show them the “Santa Tracker” Google website where they can see where is Santa Now, When he is going to leave the North Pole to start delivering presents and exactly at which time Santa Clause will be in their country delivering their presents. The Santa Tracker software and site also have some excellent Christmas games on their site which kids can play to help make the time shorter waiting for Santa Clause.


The Google Santa Tracker and Where is Santa Now site have been running for a couple of years now, and if you have children tell them about the site to help make the waiting for Santa shorter, and if you know parents with kids, you can recommend the “Where is Santa Now” and Santa Tracker to them!

You can visit the “Where is Santa Now” and Santa Tracker pages at