Where is Santa – Jakarta Indonesia?


    NORAD have just reported that Santa have arrived in Jakarta. Follow the Santa trip on NORAD and Google Maps this Christmas season. See how long it will take for Santa to come to town.

    The Norad system is an American and Canadian Government Air-Defense system with the ability to track air-traffic all across the world. Because Santa is flying to make it in time to deliver all his presence Norad is able to track Santa’s movements and whereabouts.  For many people Santa is real and lives in the Heart’s of Children all over the world.

    If you ever had to wait for Santa Clause you know how difficult it is to wait for him to come. Millions of kids bug their parents each year wanting to know when Santa is coming and where is Santa. This year Google is trying to answer the age old question by having teamed up with Norad to try and answer the question of where Santa is!

    According to the Norad Santa Tracking system – Santa is Now in Jakarta Indonesia.

    Santa is now in Jakarta Indonesia:

    Check out the latest report from the Norad Santa Tracking system.


    Happy Holidays from 3D Car Shows – enjoy!

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