Where is Santa: It has just been reported by Norad that Santa is in Germany


Christmas is right on time in Germany this year according to reports from NORAD Santa Traker System and Application. It has been reported minutes ago that Santa have made it slightly ahead of schedule to Germany to deliver Christmas Gifts to the German kids and adults whom have been good this year.

Santa in Germany

Soon after Santa’s visit to the Germany he will be on his way to the United Kingdom, ofcourse he will have to do some other stops in Europe before heading over to the United Kingdom but we are really excited about Santa going to the UK.

A big majority of visitors to the 3D Car Shows site comes from the United Kingdom and we are looking forward to wishing them “Merry Christmas and a Happy New year”, and also for those that do not celebrate Christmas a Happy Holidays.

I can hear Santa calling Ho Ho Ho in Germany as he is off to deliver more Gifts this Holiday Season.

For more information on the Norad Santa Tracker you can visit the Norad Santa Tracker site.

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