Where is Santa Clause now?


    Where is Santa Clause now?

    By now Santa must be near London, Parys, Madrid, who knows….but you can find out quick and easy. Don’t let him surprise you, track Santa all the way, and learn more about that specific place where Santa is busy giving out gifts.

    If you want to track Santa, just go to Norad. Norad are the air defence command for the USA and Canada Military. Norad also have some of the newest and up to date equipment to track Santa’s, movements. So, if you are still wondering where is Santa and when will he arrive at your place, track him with Norad.

    I am always wondering, how warm and humid must it be for poor Santa Clause when he is busy delivering gifts in the Southern Atmosphere. Especially, with his red Santa Clause suit and white beard.

    We are waiting for Santa, but it is highly summer and very hot here. We are planning to spend tomorrow – Christmas day in the pool together with our family. Some places are actually cloudy and getting rain tonight. The rain is excellent and cool down the earth after a hot summer day like today. We are not singing “let it snow, let it snow” but “let it rain, let it rain”