Where is it New Year’s Eve Right Now!


If you want to find out where is it New Year’s Eve Right now you can use the New Year’s Eve tracker that we have created to find out where in the world people are wishing each other a “Happy New Year” right now. The New Year’s tracker provides a map with Time Zone’s on it. You can easily find out where in the world it is New Year’s Eve (midnight 12’o Clock) by moving your mouse over the map and looking at the time.

The New Year’s Tracker will also be updated over the New Year’s period where we will aim to provide you with the latest news and events about New Year as it happens. You can see the New Year’s Tracker as a life system reporting on New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately we do not have reporters on the street and will be reliant on people to send us information to update the New Year’s Eve Tracker.

If you like the idea of knowing exactly when it is New Year’s at any given time in the world, and you are going out to celebrate New Year’s you are welcome to send us your images and video and we will consider adding it to the New Years’ Eve Tracker.

If you have New Year’s Eve pictures and video that you wish to share you can email us at


For more information on the New Year’s Tracker you can go to

New Year’s Tracker


Happy New Year