What car releases should you be looking forward to in the next year?


What car releases should you be looking forward to in the next year?

As we reach the final quarter of this year, we look forward to the festive season and snow and ice, but it’s also the time that we start hearing about the new cars expected to be released in the coming new year. Next year promises to be an exciting and varied year for car releases, […]

As we reach the final quarter of this year, we look forward to the festive season and snow and ice, but it’s also the time that we start hearing about the new cars expected to be released in the coming new year. Next year promises to be an exciting and varied year for car releases, with a number of notable companies releasing some pioneering new models.


With Audi, Mustang, Alfa Romeo and more all releasing new vehicles it’s going to be a great year for car enthusiasts. Expect groundbreaking new technologies and sleek new designs for the latest batch of sporty cars to be released next year. Here we’ll be focussing on some of the quicker vehicles of next year, so expect to see sharp design and the latest luxury gadgets.

Buckle in and get ready for a pedal to the metal drive through some of the best cars to be released next year.

Mazda MX-5


The Japanese car company Mazda revealed their 4th generation MX-5 at the Paris Motor Show with a lighter take on the world’s most popular roadster. Shedding 100kg it is shorter, longer and wider than the previous model, with a more aggressive design than previous models. With sharp angles and narrowed LED headlights, the MX-5 has been made more stylish to strike a sportier pose.

The gadgets for the MX-5 have come straight out of the Mazda 3 with a beautifully crafted driver focussed cabin, ensuring excellent visibility and a fun drive that has made it such a popular vehicle. The exciting technology within the new Mazda is the addition of SKYACTIV technology, including a lighter chassis and efficiency improvements on the engine and transmission system. These additions look set to challenge the efficiency improvements of other manufacturers such as Volkswagen’s BlueMotion technologies.

The Mazda MX-5 comes available in 1.5 or 2.0 litre petrol engines, with rumours that they may release a diesel option, although there has been no announcement made. With a price of around £20,000, the early release in 2015 looks set to continue the MX-5’s reputation for an affordable and fun to drive sports vehicle that can give more pricey class leaders a run for their money.

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider


Italian cars are known for being fast and beautiful, and the new Alfa Romeo 4C Spider to be released next year continues this heritage. With an absolutely gorgeous design, the 4C Spider was revealed at this years Geneva auto show as a convertible version of their coupe to be released in June.

Combining all the charm of the coupe with the thrill of a roadster, the 4C Spider is a mid engine piece of Italian engineering that offers a cracking 237 horsepower from the turbocharged 1.7 litre engine. Whilst the price may be miles ahead of the Mazda, there’s certainly no denying that this vehicle will be one of the stand out models of 2015, combining a powerful performed with design that’s easy on the eye.

With the revelation of the Spider, Alfa Romeo have established themselves yet again as creators of superbly designed cars with the trademark Italian performance. Look forward to catching footballers and celebrities behind the wheel of this glorious new addition the the Alfa Romeo family.

Ford Mustang


For the first time in the company’s history the iconic Mustang, an image blazoned into American pop culture history, will be available to buy in Asia and Europe. With over 9 million sold over the past 50 years, it looks set to sell even more as we see American muscle fans flock to dealerships to experience the brute strength of the legendary machine.


The 2015 Mustang offers a massive 5.0 litre V8 engine. It is also available in Ford’s ECOboost engine, providing a more efficient drive for those seeking the roar of a mustang with a greener tint. This car looks set to directly compete with Chevrolet’s recent European offering of the Camaro.

Could this be the beginning of American Muscle cars on European roads? Next year will be sure to reveal whether they’ll continue to be an acquired taste or instant classic.

Mercedes Benz C63 AMG coupe


The Mercedes AMG models have a great reputation to maintain. As with the rest of the automotive company, the German manufacturer is known for producing some of the finest pieces of car engineering in the world, each model a leader in its class. The C series car looks set to continue this trend, but with a few surprises in store.

Dropping the 6.2 litre V8 engine, it hints towards Mercedes movement for more efficiency concerned vehicle; replacing it with a 4.0 litre V8, aiming to bring the supercar power to a wider audience. It also shows that Mercedes certainly has efficiency in mind, with the new C63 offering an impressive 30 mpg.

The coupe is designed to be perfect for autobahn driving, accelerating into the triple digits, offering a powerful but comfortable drive for long distance journeys by businessmen and car enthusiasts alike. With so many great cars set for release next year, it’s easy to see why its worth getting so excited already, but there’s yet another fantastic vehicle to look out for in the coming months.

Audi R8


With Mercedes’ new release announced, it’s no surprise that another of the German big 3 is gearing up for a new top of the range release. The second generation of Audi’s instant classic R8 looks set for release next year and as a sister car to Legendary Italian maker Lamborghini’s Gallardo replacement, the Huracán.

With a V8 and V10 engine available for the Audi, expect a car that combines the day to day practicality and reliability that Audi have become respected for alongside the exquisite engineering and raw power of their Lamborghini counterparts.

The R8 exploded onto the supercar scene with its release in 2007, and the new R8 looks set to do the same, offering all wheel drive power with a comfortable ride for the ultimate commute.

Car Releases to Look Forward to Next Year

With so many excellent cars set for release early next year, it looks as if 2015 will be an exciting year for car enthusiasts across the world. As more models receive global releases and efficiency comes into more manufacturers vocabularies, it’s set to be a varied and beautiful year.

What car are you most looking forward to being released next year? Let us know in the comments below.

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Published : Friday October 17, 2014

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