What are Google doing for the New Year 2012?


    I have tried several searches today to try and find out what Google is planning for the New Year in terms of something similar to the “Let it Snow” feature that they had on Google. I searched for “New Year’s Tracker” to see if Google is going to track the New Year as they did with the “Norad Santa” tracker.

    Until now, I haven’t seen any plans from Google to have a “New Year Tracker” it would have been great if Google used their Google Maps to develop a similar application to the “Norad Santa Tracker”, but instead of Tracking Santa this time Tracking New Year 2012 all over the world.

    It would be nice to see the Countdown to the New Year in Australia, and see some highlights of the things that the Australians do at Midnight. It would be great if we could see Australia at the New Year similar to the New Years Ball Drop in New York that is usually broadcast across the globe at the time when it is actually New Year in New York!

    We have checked the search results for “New Year” and “New Year 2012” and it is still dead quite. Nothing from Google indicating that we will have a “Google Fireworks Display” a Google message saying “Happy New Year 2012” or something similar showing that Google have something big planned for the New Year.

    Traditionally New Year is a very important time of the year for many people. It is a time to reflect on the past year. Identify one’s failures and successes and plan the New Year with the past year’s experience ahead! Traditionally New Year is also a time to stop for a moment, relax take a deep breathe and get ready for the New Year with a bang!

    New Year Tracker 2012

    New Year 2012

    We here at 3D Car Shows will be working over the New Year 2012 period and keep an eye on New Year Eve events from all over the world and show you various images, videos and reports on New Year’s across the world. To keep up to date with New Year 2012 events, New Year 2012 countdown and more about the New Year you can use the

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