reveals in a new survey that UK drivers are quietly confident when it comes to simple car maintenance.

The survey of 800 drivers shows that a very reassuring 99 per cent know exactly where to find the dipstick in their car and nearly 94 per cent of those surveyed know how to change a tyre when faced with a puncture.

Even if stuck in a really sticky situation, more than 95 per cent of UK drivers know how to jump start a car. So, it seems that UK drivers are actually more confident than we’d all assume when it comes to basic car maintenance. Plus, despite the majority of recent reports indicating drivers aren’t capable of simple DIY on their car, GEM is pleased to see a buck in the trend.

David Williams MBE, CEO of GEM Motoring Assist, comments: “We’re really pleased to see such a positive set of results from our latest survey. Amid all the doom and gloom of the economy, rising petrol prices and maintenance costs, it’s great to know that drivers are more than capable of running simple car maintenance on their cars themselves.

“However, we would always advise motorists to seek professional advice and servicing for persistent or more complex problems with their cars. Similarly, regular maintenance and checks will help avoid more serious and damaging problems to a vehicle in the long run,” David concludes.

With only 12 per cent of drivers admitting to filling up their car with the wrong fuel, the survey reveals UK motorists are not a bunch of dipsticks at all.

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