Welcome to the new way to navigate Google. Roll over the logo to have a look


    When I opened my Google Search Engine just now the look of the Google Search Home page have completely changed and on the top of the screen there is a message saying “Welcome to the new way to navigate Google. Roll over the logo to have a look”New Way to Navigate Google

    This is major change from Google just before the “New Year”. When Google+ Profiles and the Google Plus button launched earlier the year Google Promised that all their products will become more tightly integrated. Google+ is basically a more advanced Google with more features and usability than ever before.

    Google have been criticised for failing with previous social media efforts and get’s knocked quite frequently from “Facebook Fans” saying that the Google+ Social Network will soon fail. I completely disagree, for me the new Google+ Profiles, Google+ Business Pages, Google Search, Google Maps etc. The list of Google Products can go on and on, is more about a solution that Integrates all the Google Products into one Super Powerful product.

    This “small change” in how the Google Search Engine works is “Bigger than many people will be likely to understand now”. On some forums people are already criticising Google for this change. However it is my believe that the new design have been thoroughly testes and the Human Psychology and Eyeball movements have been carefully studied before Google made this significant change.

    Google are known for their simplicity and plain search engine. The Google search engine is the Most valuable advertising real estate in the whole world. Google does not display paid advertising on their homepage and can very effectively use this space for their own gain. Using this space to Connect all the Google properties into one is a significant move from Google!

    For more information about the new Google Way of Searching and the Google New Year Surprise: