The country’s largest digital automotive marketplace, Auto Trader has today affirmed the next significant step towards simplification and sent a clear message to customers and media: we are Auto Trader.  Formerly, the company operated under the name Trader Media Group reflecting the need to run a portfolio of businesses in different markets.  As of today, Trader Media Group ceases to exist in any form and is replaced by Auto Trader, reflecting the company’s strategy to have an absolute focus in providing better value every single day to consumers and trade customers in the UK &Ireland.


We spend over £15 million a year on the Auto Trader brand, so it makes absolute sense for this to be our primary focus,” said managing director Trevor Mather. “Over 37 years we have built in too much complexity with acquisitions and new products and we need to make things far simpler for all our customers. Today our message is clear. We are one brand. We are Auto Trader. And we are working relentlessly with a singular focus – to continually both improve the value we provide and every aspect of our relationship with customers.”


Towards the end of 2013, Trevor Mather went on record with a promise to streamline the business. Steps have already been taken to simplify the consumer offering, most recently with the launch of an improved, uncluttered autotrader.co.uk home page complete withan enhanced search function and richer content.

“We are working to reflect these changes in our relationship with retailers,” he added. “Consolidating trade brands to bring everything under the Auto Trader umbrella and streamlining our organisation to have one sales and service function catering for all of our customers needs makes business sense. It will improve the quality and depth of service we provide and ensure we continue to maintain our leading position in the marketplace.”

The new approach seems to be working.  Auto Trader attracts over 15 million visitors every month, 60% of which are on mobile devices, performing over 75 searches a second.  It has more car retailers on its books than ever before and is producing 37% better response for its customers than a year ago.


Auto Trader has been working on a successful trial with around 400 retailers ensuring that only one Auto Trader service representative is assigned to every aspect of a business. Retailers have welcomed the trial and have been delighted with the ease of interacting with Auto Trader.