Watch Super Bowl 2012 live in 3D


If you want to watch the Super Bowl 2012 in 3D your luck is out this year, it is not going to happen. It is still very expensive to produce games like the Super Bowl in 3D and not enough people have actually adopted 3D Television sets to make it worthwhile.

Watch Super Bowl 2012 live in 3D

We have received news that about 5 Million people have upgraded their television sets  just before the Kickoff of the Super Sunday Super Bowl 2012 game. We believe that a significant amount of these TV’s were actually 3D Television sets with many people believing that the Super Bowl 2012 game will be actually broadcast in 3D.

Unfortunately we will only get to see the next Super Bowl in 3D if the Broadcaster makes the descision to show the Super Bowl in 3D.

Watch Super Bowl 2012 Live on the Internet

Although we will not be able to watch the Super Bowl in 3D we will be able to watch the Super Bowl 2012 legally on the internet this year. You can go to the NBC Super Bowl 2012 Live Video page to view the Super Bowl 2012 Live in HD.

Unforunately the NBC is blocking access to the video from countries outside the USA. We were unable to test if the Live Super Bowl 2012 feed is available in countries like the United Kingdom and Australia. We have tested to see if we can watch it from South Africa but unfortunately we are not able to view the live broadcast of the Super Bowl 2012 from here. It is however possible to watch it live on NBC if the broadcaster is broadcastin in your Country.

To the Giants and Patriots supporters we wish you all the luck for the game and hope that the best team will win!

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