Published by Gerald Ferreira Date: February 17, 2012
Categories: Volvo, Volvo Truck News

For the fourth consecutive year, Volvo Trucks will recognise two North American fleets for their commitment to safety through the Volvo Trucks Safety Award. Each recipients of the 2012 award will each receive $ 25,000 (£ 15,750) to be used toward their safety-related activities.

Volvo Trucks

Michelin again joins Volvo Trucks in sponsoring the Volvo Trucks Safety Award, which focuses on the importance of highway safety for the trucking industry and for all motorists.

“Safety is paramount for both Michelin and Volvo Trucks, so we’re pleased to recognise the hard work and dedication to safety exhibited by the industry’s top performers,” said Ron Huibers, president, Volvo Trucks North American sales & marketing.

“Volvo’s longstanding core value of safety guides our designs and is woven throughout our products,” Huibers said, adding, “The Volvo cab design, safety cage and other passive safety features protect drivers, while integrated active safety technologies, like Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology and Volvo Enhanced Cruise, improve safety for all motorists. The Volvo Trucks Safety Award allows us to help fleets strengthen their safety cultures and programmes.”