Volvo Trucks’ deliveries for January rose 5% to 6,822 trucks, compared with the year-earlier period.

Volvo Trucks

In total, deliveries in Europe amounted to 2,961 trucks in January (up 6%, year-on-year). In Western Europe the deliveries decreased 3% due to continued uncertainty in terms of economic development.

In the Russian market, demand for trucks remained favourable and deliveries in January rose to 285 trucks, compared with 125 trucks in January 2011. As a whole, deliveries in Eastern Europe increased 39% in January.

Deliveries in South America declined 18% to 1,042 trucks in January due to tougher emission standards starting January 1st 2012, followed by lower demand and need for adapting production levels as planned.

In North America, January deliveries rose 15% to 1,582 trucks year-on-year, despite the postponement of some deliveries due to a defective component supplied to Volvo and several other North American manufacturers. This impact is expected to continue in February, with recovery thereafter.

Underlying demand remains at a good level, driven primarily by the need to replace the industry’s aging highway truck population. Volvo is continuing to win over new customers with the fuel economy and performance of its proprietary engines and I-Shift automated manual transmission.

Deliveries by market area :

Delivered Units Volvo Trucks Change
Volvo Trucks Jan 2012 Jan 2011
Europe 2,961 2,805 6%
–  Western Europe 2,168 2,233 -3%
–      Eastern Europe 793 572 39%
North America 1,582 1,376 15%
South America 1,042 1,264 -18%
Asia 914 874 5%
Other markets 323 184 76%
Total Volvo Trucks 6,822 6,503 5%
Medium duty (7-16t) 139 130 7%
Heavy duty (>16t) 6,683 6,373 5%
Total Volvo Trucks 6,822 6,503 5%