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Mack trucks put out so many fires. 1965 was the year in which Mack produced a special version of a water cannon that was connected to a truck. It was produced for the fire brigade in New York City and it can be seen here being presented to the mass media on Welfare Island under the designation “the world’s most powerful fire extinguisher”.

Fire Truck History

The first fire at which the fire brigade was able to use this water cannon occurred on 12 August in the same year. These specially produced vehicles were used at a total of 2,200 fires and were phased out of service in 1982.

However, Mack’s history began at the end of the 19th century in the USA, with the three brothers, Jack, Augustus and William Mack, who manufactured carriages, among other things, and eventually began to take an interest in engines.

In 1922, Mack adopted the bulldog as its company symbol and, five years later, the company introduced its B Series. When it became increasingly common to use trucks to transport goods, the demand for heavier vehicles with higher capacity was stepped up and Mack’s B Series was the perfect match for this concept. During a period of more than 14 years, Mack produced in excess of 15,000 vehicles in this series.