The team behind the new Volvo FH exterior rear view mirrors have been recognised by being presented this year’s Volvo Group Internal Safety Award as the result of successful cross functional teamwork between product design, cab engineering, visibility specialists and virtual analysis.

Volvo FH Mirrors

The award was presented by CEO Olof Persson at the Volvo Group safety conference to the winners: Ann-Charlotte Andreasson (Lead Engineer), Hanna Degerman (Feature Leader), Asok George (Chief designer – Exterior) and Dennis Saluäär (Technology Specialist), all at Volvo Group Trucks Technology.

The mirrors on the new Volvo FH set a new standard for visibility on both driver side and passenger side. The slim mirror housings, the upright A-pillars and the location of the mirrors means reduced blind spots and a significant safety improvement compared to both the previous model and the current competition.

The front corners of the cab are among the most complex areas of the cab design. Requirements of visibility in the mirrors, cab strength, soiling, vibrations and aerodynamic properties must be fulfilled at the same time as the blind spots are minimised.

The in-house developed Vision Tool is an important contributor to the success. Vision Tool is a virtual tool that enables simulations at an early stage in order to optimise mirror positions with direct and indirect vision in mind.

The improved direct visibility and the excellent rear view in the mirrors are essential parts of the basic cab concept and will be appreciated by drivers in every driving shift and in all types of transports on all markets many years from now. The innovative new design of the mirrors has also given a new visual identity to this most basic safety feature, setting a new benchmark for premium trucks.

“Since winning the award, we’ve never looked back” said Asok George, Chief designer Exterior, “but on reflection we now feel a new standard for visibility has been set within the trucking industry.”