When the time came to replace one of their older vehicles in order to meet the requirements of the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in London, Weetabix-owned packaging company Vibixa Ltd ‘had no hesitation whatsoever’ buying a Volvo according to Warehouse and Transport Manager Gary Bridges.


Plated for operation at 34-tonnes gross weight, the two-axle Volvo FM11-450 and high-capacity trailer are used to haul palletised loads of high quality printed cartons to their customer’s sites across the country. The FM was supplied by Truck and Bus Wales & West in Avonmouth and will be serviced at the nearby Gloucester depot.

Vibixa already had one Volvo in its fleet, but when the decision to acquire a new vehicle was finalised all truck manufacturers were asked to submit a quotation. “We felt that we had to fully explore the marketplace in order to ensure that we weren’t overlooking anything important,” said Gary Bridges, adding: “We were reassured to find that not only was Volvo’s response the fastest, but the overall package on offer represented the best value for money and everyone from the salesman to the servicing personnel at Gloucester was really helpful.”

“We had high expectations of the truck when we first got it,” continued Gary, “and these are already being exceeded on a daily basis. The new Volvo represents a sound investment.”