Volvo CE educates talents in China


Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) has opened a new Competence Development Center in North China in partnership with local colleges and dealers to educate talented young people in technician training.

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Educating and supporting future generations has always been important to Volvo Construction Equipment. And the company’s repute for securing the talent and leadership of the future was recently reinforced by the opening of a Competence Development Center in North China. The center will provide first-rate technician training for young individuals seeking industry experience.

Thanks to rapid urbanization in China, the construction machinery industry is developing quickly – according to a five-year plan, the annual growth average for engineering machinery is projected to be more than 17%, while the annual output will be more than USD 900 billion. Construction machinery will be a driving force of the Chinese equipment manufacturing industry and by opening the new Competence Development Center, in partnership with local colleges and dealers, Volvo CE aims to support the sustainable development of the Chinese construction machinery industry and to support the young local community in China.

The new North China Competence Development Center, based in Zhengzhou in the Henan Province, was launched in a lively ceremony in conjunction with Henan Communication Vocational Technology College. Guests from Henan Transportation Department, the local Volvo dealer Henan Wontong, and its parent company Henan Tonguan, also participated in the induction ceremony showing their support for the new center.

Competence development was launched in 2010 with centers in Northwest and Northeast China that unite local colleges and dealers with Volvo CE branding and backing through cooperation, customized education, and resource sharing. The competence development project has also been carried out in the South of China and is expected to be officially launched next year.

While the project keeps the schools’ original teaching framework intact, it adds in lectures about Volvo CE’s culture, core values, products and business skills, as well as dealer job training and internship opportunities. Volvo CE also provides comprehensive training for college teachers, who can learn more about the industry, products, applications, business etiquette, communications, marketing and sales according to their interests. These classes are strictly certified to ensure quality.

“The competence development project is just the latest example of Volvo CE’s efforts in supporting education and career development for young people in China,” says Lawrence Luo, president of Volvo CE China. “It demonstrates Volvo CE’s social responsibility and contributions to the sustainable development of the Chinese construction machinery industry.”

Volvo CE wants to secure its future in China’s construction industry but also long and fruitful careers for the country’s youth. Young, bright, students interested in the ever growing and developing industry will be given the chance to become a long-standing and valued member of Volvo CE.