Volvo Cars focus on safety and environment at Tokyo Motor Show


Volvo Cars will continue to focus on its commitment to contribute to a cleaner environment with a display of the Volvo Recharge Concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show. Safety, another core value of Volvo, will also be in the limelight, with the focus on the new preventative safety systems which includes AlcoGuard to prevent driving under the influence of alcohol.

Care for the environment is a core value of the Volvo brand, and the Tokyo Motor Show will be used as a platform to spread the message for Volvo’s programme of environmentally friendly cars and engines. Volvo Cars already takes part in an extensive Flexifuel programme in Sweden for environmentally cleaner transport now and in the near future, and it offers five different models powered by Flexifuel engines.

With the display of the Volvo Recharge Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show, Volvo Cars is indicating its long-term vision to make a substantial contribution to the drive for clean energy.

There will be a media conference on the first press day of the Tokyo Motor Show on 24 October at 14:30 local time. The speakers at the media conference will be inter alia Fredrik Arp, chief operating officer and president of Volvo Car Corporation, and Steve Mattin, design director of Volvo Cars.

Members of the Volvo Cars management team and experts on the topics of safety and environmental care will be available for interviews.