Volvo Cars Designed Around You


We offer a contemporary luxury experience that’s created around people with strength in every sense. We are the most human-centric car brand in the motor industry.

The all new Volvo Car Corporation brand strategy is on its way to face and greet the world. Richard Monturo, Vice President of Global Marketing, has played a key role in defining the fresh brand identity: “We are the most human-centric car brand in the industry. And we need to communicate that to our customers.”

A Volvo is designed around you. It is intuitive, beautiful and safe. Its Scandinavian roots are visible in its lean lines. It is cool on the outside and warm on the inside. These are some of the new brand messages which will influence the communication from now on.
“Our type of luxury is kind of alternative. Our customer is a more thoughtful luxury buyer who likes Scandinavian design and functionality. Our customer is willing to pay for good design but does not brag about it,” says Monturo.

“This is what Volvo Cars is all about. Our brand is designed around you. It’s about contemporary luxury and packed with the strength of Volvo engineering ingenuity in terms of technology and safety features. Our cars make the customers’ life easier.”

Digital marketing key to success
One very important aspect of the new marketing strategy is how to use digital marketing in the best way possible. Richard Monturo believes Volvo Car Corporation has a good opportunity to step up in this area.

“Digital marketing is becoming increasingly important to all automotive purchase. We need to be better than everybody else in this area to be able to compete. That’s why all our marketing initiatives will start and end with digital, and not just our website, but on social media, on cell phones and wherever our customers encounter digital content,” says Richard Monturo.

Brand stuck in the middle
Soon, the first glimpse of the all new Volvo Cars brand strategy will be visible to the world in global marketing campaigns for model year 2012. The photographs of the cars will be optimized and more defined with attention to details, the messages clearer and the brand is beginning to move away from the middle territory in terms of brand identity.

“We are a bit of a “lagom”* brand at the moment, stuck between middle class and luxury. And sometimes lagom isn’t lagom – it’s just not good enough! It’s our job to communicate our brand to the customers in a persuasive way, so that people becomes aware of Volvo and want to buy a Volvo,” says Richard Monturo.

Our cars are the stars
“But of course it’s not enough to say that we are all of these wonderful things if we don’t prove it by action. That’s why the cars from now on are the stars. They will be more central in our advertising material and photographed in a more attractive way.”

The Swedish word “lagom” means “not too much, not too little, but just right”.