Volvo Cars Designed Around You


Your Volvo is Designed Around You – this is the key message that will be brought across on our stand at Johannesburg International Motor Show this year. At Volvo we know that because we understand people we design and build better cars.

Volvo designed around you

Richard Monturo, Vice President of Global Marketing at Volvo Car Corporation, played a key role in defining the fresh brand identity: “We are the most human-centric car brand in the industry. And we need to communicate that to our customers.”

The Volvo founders said in 1927: “Cars are driven by people. The guiding principle behind everything we make at Volvo, therefore, is and must remain – safety.”

The key thought, the single most important differentiator in Volvo vs our competitors is that everything we do starts with the people that will be using our cars. Since then, whilst Safety is still one of our core values, many other human-centric inventions and innovations characterised Volvo and continues to do so.

So the fact that your Volvo is Designed Around You can nowadays be seen in every feature from our hi-tech safety and sustainable environmental care to the thought that went into our seat design – from spectacular initiatives such as the recent Volvo fashion campaign with 3 local designers to the upcoming extreme sailing event, the Volvo Ocean Race.

When we say your Volvo is designed around you we refer to the fact that everything about it is intuitive, beautiful and safe. Easy to use and functional. Simple yet luxurious. Volvo’s Scandinavian roots are visible in the clean lines – it is cool on the outside and warm on the inside – drawing you closer.

Says Monturo: “Our type of luxury is kind of alternative. Our customer is a more thoughtful luxury buyer who likes Scandinavian design and functionality. Our customer is willing to pay for good design but does not brag about it”.

“This is what Volvo Cars is all about. Our brand is designed around you. It’s about contemporary luxury and packed with the strength of Volvo engineering ingenuity in terms of technology and safety features. Our cars make our customers’ life easier.”