Volvo Cars connects with iPod users

  • Your entire music archive in the car’s audio system
  • Selection and settings controlled conveniently via the car’s audio controls
  • Safer use while driving

iPod users will in future be able to plug their entire music archive into their Volvo’s audio system.

Together with the supplier PhatNoise Inc and Apple, Volvo Cars has developed an adapter kit for installation in the Volvo S80 from model year 1999 on and in the S60, V70 and XC70 from model year 2001.

iPod is the world’s number one digital music player and allows music lovers to carry their entire music collection with them on the go.

Now, with the Volvo iPod Adapter, they can play their music in their Volvo.

“With the Volvo iPod Adapter it is very easy to plug in your iPod into your Volvo’s audio system and to have all your music instantly available,” says Lars-Erik Roos, managing director of the Accessory Business Unit at Volvo Cars. Once connected, it serves as a natural part of the car’s own built-in audio system.

When an iPod player has been connected to the car through the new Volvo iPod adapter, the text “Volvo for life” appears in the display. Operating the iPod is then done conveniently with the car’s own audio controls, such as volume adjustment, playlist selection, switching tracks, fast-forward and random track selection. The choices are shown in the car’s audio display (in the form of the CD number and track number).

Once the car starts, iPod is powered and charged by the car battery.

“Operating your iPod from the car’s own controls is not just convenient, it is also a matter of enhanced safety,” says Roos. “There is less risk that the driver will take his or her eyes off the road or the car’s instruments.”

The Volvo iPod Adapter comes with an installation kit that is specially designed for each specific car model. The connection cable is routed to the storage compartment in the front middle armrest where the iPod player can be placed when it is connected.

The Volvo iPod Adapter is installed simply by the nearest Volvo dealer, and it suits all iPods except the iPod Shuffle. iPod is not included in the kit.

The Volvo iPod Adapter will become available at Volvo dealers towards the middle of 2006.