The Volvo Cars campaign around fashion and design, nicknamed Volvo Possible, which kicked off on 1 June and runs until mid-October, has succeeded in capturing the imagination of South Africa’s public with its appealing combination of fashion, style, design and motoring functionality.

The partnership of three of South Africa’s most successful and prominent fashion designers with Volvo Car SA is part of an innovative creative alliance aimed at fostering a unique affiliation between fashion and motoring that is both authentic and original.

The three designers, Gert-Johan Coetzee, David Tlale and Nkhensani Nkosi, were given the challenge of revealing exactly what is possible in a Volvo by designing fashionable items that would make life in their Volvo easier, more fun, sexier or safer. Inspired by their respective models, the sporty and playful C30, the sleek and sexy S60 and the safe and luxurious XC60, the designers have already been hard at work ahead of the final big reveal on 18 August.

The work they have done up to now is captured in style with snippet videos and photographs on and is anything from a beautiful trench coat to laptop bags and a portable braai, medical kits, handbags and CD holders and then some…. But the designers are being very secretive about the items for the final reveal – but claim that bold, stylish, and fashionable has never quite looked like this.

One of the driving forces behind the campaign is to illustrate the fact that every Volvo is ‘Designed around You’.

People are at the core of everything we do at Volvo – each Volvo is not only designed with the individuals’ need for style, safety and comfort in mind but shows that we understand people and how they use cars.

During the current campaign, the three fashion authorities will be designing interior, exterior, consumer and couture accessories for their respective Volvo models, bringing Volvo and fashion together in an inspiring and fresh way.

Not only is this campaign bringing fashion and motoring together in a unique way, but it’s also mixing Scandinavian design with African flair which promises to deliver some inspiring creations.

According to Volvo Car SA’s Marketing and PR Director Michelle Naudé, “the thrilling fashion challenge posed to the three designers is aimed at revealing the creative, inspirational, fun yet functional side of Volvo.

With the final big reveal just around the corner, we are immensely excited to see the ideas and accessories that the designers have produced so far. Volvo prides itself as being at the forefront of innovation in the motoring industry, and we hope to reinforce this reputation with our attempts to combine motoring and fashion”.

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