Volvo C30 wins Ward’s Autoworld interior design award


Ward’s AutoWorld magazine has again acknowledged Volvo for superior car interior design when it bestowed its Interior Design Award for Best Brand Reflection on the Volvo C30.

Last year, Ward’s named the Volvo S80 winner of the Best Interior Design of the Year Award.

Eric Mayne, Ward’s editor of news operations, said the C30’s interior, “marked by simplicity, grace and functionality, exemplifies this heritage. They not only defy the industry convention that mass ensures comfort, they contribute to a futuristic ambience usually reserved for concept cars.”

Volvo interiors have always been ergonomically designed to bring forward in materials all that is reflected in Scandinavian design: Where form and function combine to be aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand. In a complicated world, Volvo brings a sense of harmony and peace to the daily grind of driving.

“With the C30, our goal was to bring a more youthful spirit and a refined Scandinavian flair to the interior,” said Steve Mattin, senior vice-president for design at Volvo Cars.

“We wanted the best of our cultural design heritage in this car. Our design vision was to create an interior that could only be branded Volvo. We shied away from chrome, kept controls intuitive without adding more buttons or switches and looked for ways to express our feeling about harmony and softness.

“Our centre stack console has become a signature element for all Volvo car models. Its outline brings a natural rhythm and functionality expressed in clean lines and soft curves.”

Volvo’s legendary anatomically designed seats are upholstered in the unique T-Tec fabric specially developed for Volvo Cars and inspired by sportswear and modern travel accessories. T-Tec is soft, supple, elastic and comfortable. The contrast between T-Tec and textile – along with seams of a different, yet coordinating colour – reinforces the dynamic appeal of the car.

“We are pushing the edge with materials, visual sensations and tactile feelings,” Mattin said. “C30 is a reflection of our Scandinavian culture, feelings about our environment and our heritage.”

The Volvo C30 – here with a R-Design body kit

Volvo Cars launched the C30 internationally almost two years ago as a two-door hatchback, with a design that draws inspiration from classic Volvos such as the 1800 ES fastback model, and from the Safety Concept Car shown at the Auto Africa motor show in 2002.

The Volvo C30 was introduced in South Africa in March 2007 with two derivatives – one powered by a  2-litre, 4 cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engine, and the flagship T5 model powered by a 169 kW turbocharged 5-cylinder petrol engine.