Volvo: a boat for women


A sneak-peak of the concept boat All aboard – developed from women´s requirements.

Boat for Women

Is this a boat for women?

What do women want from a boat? A team of buiness developers have come up with solutions for the problems women commonly experience in a boat. Volvo Penta is in on the idea.

When a family decides to sell their boat, it is almost always the woman who is behind the idea. So, on a mission from the Swedish Marine Technology Forum, the business developers Ampersand set out on the mission to make boats more girl-friendly.

“Our goal is to include womens reqirements into a boat without excluding the men. The goal is also to inspire the boat industry with new ideas that can attract new customers”, sats Tatiana Butovitsch Temm of Ampersand.

Some of the common problem areas that 1000 interviewed women listed were:

Problems getting in and out of the boat Poor visibility Not enough space for social life Difficulty to rescue a person overboard Heavy winches Heavy anchor Incomprehensive engine manual Kitchen not designed for cooking

For all the problems, the concept boat All aboard has suggested solutions, such as a combined water slide and rescue ramp and an integrated gangway in the side of the boat.

The complete All aboard concept boat will be presented on March 2nd at the Stockholm international boatshow.

Volvo Penta is one of the companies involved in the process of designing All Aboard, together with Nimbus Group, Ryds Båtindustri, Båtsystem, Seldén Mast, CPAC Systems, Tylö, Dacat and White.