Volkswagen South Africa rewards its best suppliers


The best performing commodity suppliers to Volkswagen Group South Africa for 2011 were recently recognised at a Gala Banquet hosted by David Powels, Volkswagen Group South Africa Managing Director.

Volkswagen South Africa rewards

The new Purchasing Head for Volkswagen Group South Africa, Herwin Baumgartner was also introduced to the suppliers during the event. In addition, the best Parts & Accessories and BBBEE suppliers for 2011 also received awards.

“Rather than reward one overall supplier we decided to award the best performing suppliers in each category. This recognised the different required technical know-how for each commodity be it Metallic, Interior or Powertrain as examples,” said Powels. “We also included an award for the best BBBEE supplier this year which recognised a top performing supplier with a level 5 or better scorecard.”

Suppliers are rated by the key divisions they interact with at Volkswagen Group South Africa on a number of criteria including quality, schedule adherence and attitude. Only those who excel in all the criteria stand a chance of winning and the supplier with the highest overall score in the relevant category is declared the winner.

“With the introduction of the New Polo and Polo Vivo we have been able to drive our local parts content to 72%. This benefits not only the customer, but also the country as new suppliers were encouraged to invest and thereby create much needed employment opportunities,” commented Powels.

The winning suppliers were:

  • Interior Commodity – Principle Plastics
  • Exterior Commodity – SMA Engineering
  • Powertrain Commodity – Schaeffler
  • Electrical Commodity – Kromberg & Schubert
  • Mettalic Commodity – Borbet
  • General Purchasing (Services) – Roadedge
  • General Purchasing (Facilities) – Eisenmann
  • P&A – GUD Filters
  • BBBEEE – Automould