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On the 2nd of November 911 of Volkswagen South Africa’s biggest fans came to the Volkswagen South Africa Festival attempt to break the record for the most Volkswagen cars used to create a Volkswagen Badge. Volkswagen South African Fans came from all provinces to support the attempt to break the world Volkswagen Logo Record. We (3D Car Shows) attended the event and took some photographs of the various Volkswagen Cars at the event. According to Gerald Ferreira, founder of the 3D Car Shows site “It was the most photographs I have ever taken of Volkswagen Cars”.

The number plates showed that all provinces supported the event and visitors came from Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumulanga, the Cape Province, North West and Kwa-Zulu Natal to show their support for the event. The world record for the most Volkswagen Cars in a logo is currently held by Russia. Russia Volkswagen have created the biggest Volkswagen Cars record with 1251 cars. The Volkswagen Festival could only get 911 cars to the event and they had this to say on their website “Congratulations to Russia, you get to keep the world record @ 1251 cars. We only had 911 South African VW’s, however, Russia , you should sleep with one eye open as we made friends. Until next time…”

Below and on the Following pages we have images and photographs of the cars that attended the event. We tried to take at least one photograph of each of the cars that were at the event, but may have missed some of the cars due to arriving at the event only at am in the morning expecting the cars only to arrive at 8 am. (We were told that some Volkswagen Fans already started parking their cars at 6 am in the morning when gates to the Volkswagen Festival opened).

Images Volkswagen South Africa Record Attempt Festival

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