Volkswagen Sasolracing team South Africa 2013


Round four of rally season a tough outing for Volkswagen Sasolracing team

The much-anticipated Volkswagen Rally, home event for the Volkswagen Sasolracing team, proved a challenging weekend on the stages. Punctures on day one caused their share of problems, slowing down the stage times as the team fought for a strong position in the field.

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Enzo Kuun and Douglas Judd were strong out the starting gate, claiming the first stage win of the event. In total, over the two days they claimed four of the 13 best stage times on the Volkswagen Rally. Henk Lategan and Barry White claimed two more giving the team nearly half of all the stage wins available.

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“It has been a tough weekend for the team,” says Mike Rowe, head of Volkswagen Motorsport. “We didn’t achieve the results we were aiming for, but made very good use of the opportunity to do some extended testing with Henk and Barry competing in Super Rally on Saturday.”

“The stage wins are a clear indication that we have the pace, the focus now is on tieing those all together to clinch the results the pace should be providing,” says Rowe.

Lategan and White competed under Super Rally regulations on the second day after getting stuck after a flying finish on day one. The recovery time to get them back on the road necessitated running in Super Rally.

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The finish line of the Volkswagen Rally saw Kuun and Judd claim fifth place, winning three of the final four stages. Their teammates, Hergen Fekken and Pierre Arries, were hot on their heels to finish in sixth place overall.

For defending S2000 Challenge champions Gugu Zulu and Carl Peskin, the event saw them forced into retirement for the first time in their last 11 outings. Mechanical problems sidelined them with just four stages to go.

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