Volkswagen Group South Africaawarded a Level 4 rating for the third consecutive year


VolkswagenVolkswagen Group South Africaawarded a Level 4 rating for the third consecutive year Volkswagen Group South Africa has again been awarded Level 4 rating (100% contribution level) in its 2011Broad-Based Black EconomicEmpowerment (B-BBEE) scorecard. Nonkqubela Maliza, Director of Corporate and Government Affairs at Volkswagen Group South Africamade the announcement today, saying the rating by an independent agency was the result of the company’s on-going commitment, detailed planning and systematic implementation over the past five years.

“Transformation has always been more than a legislative requirement for us.It is about working together to create a vibrant and inclusive workplace where all employees have the opportunity to realise their full potential and thereby contribute to economic growth and social development without compromising our goal of being the most fascinating and profitable automotive company”.

Maliza said while the formal Codes of Good Practice of B-BBEE and the scorecard system had been introduced in 2007,Volkswagen Group South Africa’s track record of investment in skills and talent development and in community development predates that by a long way.

The company’s total B-BBEEscore has improved by 1.6% from 65.8 points to 66.88points overallreinstating that Volkswagen Group South Africa is 100% B-BBEE compliant with steady improvements recorded in management control, preferential procurement, and employment equity. David Powels, Managing Director of Volkswagen Group South Africasaid while Volkswagen was pleased with the improvement on the scorecard result, the company remains committed to further progress in achieving meaningful transformation in all aspects of the business.

“Volkswagen is proud to be a good Corporate Citizen of South Africa. It is more than a way of doing business. It is a way of life. It is the Volkswagen Way. It is our road map for developing better people’s cars. It is the route to growing a better workforce and a highway to a healthy economic and social environment. We are pioneering travelers on this road, and we are constantly striving to carry as many people on the journey with us as we can,” added Powels.